Broadwell's Projects

A unified platform that aims to streamline the entire course registration process at universities: course selection, schedule optimization, and class enrollment

2021Present · C++, C#, F#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Web, Linux, AWS, Astro, React, Git

When building my first-semester schedule in summer 2021, I wrote a program in F# that searched for all possible schedules and sorted them according to my preferences. I developed several iterations of the optimizer in C++ and ran a successful pilot program in summer 2022 with about 50 Michigan students receiving optimal schedules. In winter 2023, I collaborated with a team to build and launch a self-serviceable web app for schedule optimization using Astro, React, TypeScript, and AWS, reaching over 300 users in just one month. We envision adding more course selection features and expanding to other universities.


A platform that helped Andover High School students see their classmates before each school year started and make sense of their schedules on a daily basis

20182021 · Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, Firebase, Google Cloud, Web, Vue, Git, Test-Driven Development

I co-founded PreMatch and built the backend of in Python and Flask, first storing user data on Google Cloud Datastore and hosting the backend on Google App Engine. Along with the web interface, I wrote a Discord bot in Ruby that informed hundreds of students about their schedule for each school day. I then designed, built, and marketed PreMatch for iOS, a mobile app that helped >600 students navigate their schedules daily. In summer 2019, was used by >1,100 students to discover their new classmates.


An integrated Agent-Based Model for airline disruption recovery

2023Present · Rust, Python, TypeScript, SQL, Web, React, Git

Motivated by the Southwest Airlines scheduling crisis in December 2022, I developed a novel agent-based model that simulates aircraft, crew, and passengers in a flight network under arbitrary disruptions and ad-hoc recovery mechanisms while recording Key Performance Indicators. I then used TypeScript, React, and Remix to build a web interface that can replay simulations and display recorded Key Performance Indicators over time for airline schedulers. RecovAir is featured in an upcoming conference paper at ICAS 2024 in collaboration with researchers at Michigan, MIT, and Harvard.

A hybrid COVID-19 transmission model with six compartments and predictions of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from a Recurrent Neural Network

20202021 · R, HTML, JavaScript, Web, Svelte, Git

I ideated, built, and documented a COVID-19 transmission model combining mechanistic and statistical approaches from epidemiological literature using R, Keras, and Tidyverse. I built a visual tracker of the transmission trends of COVID variants in the U.S. when variants first proliferated in the U.S. in March 2021.

COVID-19 Forecasting Model

A browser extension that helps FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics teams in Massachusetts collect, share, and analyze other teams' performance records

20192023 · TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Web, Vue, Test-Driven Development, Git

I proposed, developed, and deployed this browser extension to replace the original, tedious paper-driven system for team performance collection used by the MassScout Alliance. The alliance adopted this extension as its official data handling method, and 3 of the 4 top teams in Massachusetts in 2020 used this extension to evaluate other teams for their alliances.

The MassScout Extension

A Google Sheets add-on that generates optimal work shift assignments using linear programming

2023Present · TypeScript, Google Apps Script

Responding to the work management needs of the Escher Co-op at the University of Michigan, I wrote a Google Sheets add-on in TypeScript that gathers work availability survey responses, formulates the construction of a work schedule using this availability data as a linear program, and solves the program using LinearOptimizationService. Escher's Work Manager has used Shifter to generate its work schedule for Spring-Summer 2023.


A browser extension that helps you track, chronicle, and maintain your professional connections

20222022 · HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web, Next.js, Git

I collaborate with a team of 5 members at V1 Product Studio to design, build, and promote Plinq. I built an embedded sidebar that helps users import contacts from LinkedIn.


A data science project that investigates and monitors the reliability of campus buses at the University of Michigan

20222022 · Python, HTML, Web, Plotly Dash, Google Cloud

I proposed this project topic and led the U-M Blue Buses team at the Michigan Data Science Team during Winter 2022. The team aggregated millions of rows of position reports from BusTime into Google BigQuery, analyzed the position reports in terms of service quality, and visualized its findings on a live online dashboard in Plotly Dash.

U-M Blue Buses

A complete emulator of the MOS 6502 microprocessor written in expressive, clean, and modern C++

20182018 · C++, Git, Test-Driven Development

I strictly followed Google's C++ Style Guide and the techniques of Test-Driven Development to build csim6502. I completed it in 2 weeks while attending high school.

A program that optimally assigns members of Andover Robotics Club (ARC) to competition teams according to their skills, interests, and preferences

20202020 · Julia

To ensure that ARC's three competition teams are balanced in strengths and educational opportunities, I wrote a program in Julia that, given club members' strengths, interests, and preferences, generates an optimal team assignment for each member. True team assignments in the 2020-2021 season were based on this program's output and led every team to unprecedented success.

ARC TeamMaker

A transpiler and interpreter for my own Turing-complete programming language resembling RISC assembly

20172017 · Rust, Git

I invented a primitive programming language whose grammar expanded upon the specifications for Assembunny in Advent of Code 2016. I then wrote an interpreter for this language and a transpiler that translated it to C, both in Rust.

A platform where Andover Robotics Club (ARC) signed up for meeting slots, assigned seats, tracked attendance, and could perform contact tracing during the 2020-2021 season

20202021 · TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Firebase, Web, Svelte, Git

To help ARC fulfill its logistical requirements during its first season under COVID-19, I initiated, built, and deployed the Attendance Management System (AMS) using Svelte, Firebase Web, and Firestore. I also configured Webhooks to notify the club's Discord server about attendance requests and approvals. The club used the ARC AMS to manage all official in-person meetings during the 2020-2021 season.

ARC Attendance Management System

A centrally controlled network of bots that protected artwork on the Reddit r/place canvas

20222022 · Python, Web, Plotly Dash, WebSocket

To make distributed r/place bots coordinate placements and follow group directions, I built an r/place bot client that drew pixels on r/place according to WebSocket commands from a central botnet director server and completed the implementation in <12 hours. I also developed a live web dashboard that visualized all botnet activity. At its peak, the botnet had 7 bots in operation.

r/place Botnet


An optimized in-memory relational database manager with a query syntax that resembles SQL

20222022 · C++, Git, Test-Driven Development

I built this database manager in object-oriented C++14 and successfully met strict external specifications and performance requirements.